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Beating The System

Existing Home Rule Law requires at least 30,000 signatures for a petition, at which time the original petitions are filed and presented to the NYC Council for adoption, but this will almost never occur because the City Council could have enacted the law without such a petition.

After rejection by the City Council, voterlaws.com will have 60 days to get at least 15,000 new signatures, for filing, after which the ballot initiative should be put on the ballot at the next general election, for a yes or no vote by voters.



                    ALL ELSE

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There are approximately 100,000 yellow and black-car cab drivers in NYC, so that if each contributed $1.35 the industry could put the proposed bill of rights for cab drivers on the ballot (see petition). There are 24,600 restaurants and food service establishments in NYC, so that if each business contributed an average of $5.50 the industry could put the proposed bill of rights on the ballot. There are 1,407,635 persons age 60 or older in NYC as of 2010, an an average contribution of $.10 (ten cents) would put the Bill of Rights for Seniors (see petition) on the ballot.